Mission Statement

The DREAM Bar Association (“DBA”) is a non-profit legal organization that extends membership to undocumented pre-law students, current law students, practitioners and paralegals. Led by undocumented law students and practitioners, the DBA’s purpose is to provide a network for undocumented immigrants who are interested in pursuing a career in law, are pursuing a career in law or are practicing in this field. This support networks seeks to provide a forum where its members can answer question related to the legal field, and work cooperatively on other issues affecting undocumented immigrant people.

Specifically, the DBA and its members will focus on:

I. Advocating for access to education for all undocumented immigrants, particularly access to law school, by providing information financial aid, the LSAT and the law school application process.

II. Encouraging the admission of undocumented law practitioners to state bars across the country and filing briefs in support of their admission.

III. Providing low-cost and pro-bono legal services to DREAM Act organizations, immigrant and Latino Advocacy groups, and other likeminded organizations.

IV. Investigating potential avenues of legal employment for current and future DREAM Practitioners.

V. Providing a network of social, emotional and legal support and contacts for DBA members.



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